I’m Guillermo 🌱, a digital designer and developer working on meaninful projects, remotely from 😎 Valencia.

I’ve worked ⛏ both in-house 👩‍💻 for small companies and also for larger digital agencies with big 💎 clientes, but currently I’m 🆓lancing and raisin 💵 for 🐶🐮🐰🐷🐬 charities with solidarity projects.

What I do 🧏

I am an essentialist designer and developer. Why complicate something that could be simple and most important, intuitive and easy to use.

I love working with small business whose company have a greater goal than just making money and helping out organisations to develop their digital presence.
Let’s change the world together being compassionate with every kind and helping others.

If you have a business, brand, organisation, or are starting one and need someone to build a new website, help with your graphics, don't hesitate contacting me

If you’ve got a project that you care about and you need a designer and developer… Let’s get connected 📧